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First the basics,
Are you representing a...

Seamless integration

The JOOR integration experience means:

  • Comprehensive and easy to follow documentation
  • Multiple file formats supported
  • Dedicated team with experience integrating with over 30 ERP's
  • Secure data transfers with SSL encryption

Build against our restful API

  • POST/PUT Customers, Inventory and Style Master in real-time
  • GET orders and mark them as exported
  • Powerful validation rules to prevent import errors
  • Documentation with sample Request/Response in XML and JSON
  • SOAP/UI documentation and examples for all API endpoints
Email us for documentation

Flat file integration

Import and export flat files as an alternative to API-based integration

Email us for documentation

Integration Support

  • Integration implementation & maintenance support
  • Integration specialists will analyze your data and recommend a solution to fit your needs
  • Customizable tools to build your export file, schedule the destination and time it's generated
  • 24/7 support via phone, chat and email

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